Corporate Executive Chef

Job Description Summary: Job ID:6447  Unclassified - FT (Salary) The Corporate Executive Chef is responsible for the centralized planning, implementation and menu evaluation of the overall Dining Services programs.  This position provides oversight for planning of all master menus and special event menus. They will assist with the development of and ensures compliance with operational budgets, assuring that fiscal goals are met. They will direct the menu planning process, ensuring that all menus meet the needs of the customers and fall within production, personnel and cost restraints of all dining operations on campus. Duties/Physical Demands: o Provides culinary advice and guidance to unit/catering chefs, culinary staff, dieticians and management on food presentation, service procedures, food safety/handling and food storage; Evaluates  food presentation and services utilizing departmental standards and assures all department requirements are met; Plans and coordinates safe food preparation, cooking, and other skills training programs for the culinary team including student employees; Assists with and develops training programs for staff and actively participates in the training process;  Provides resolutions to questions or conflicts with staff and customers. o Oversees the menu planning process for all dining units; Plans menus for special groups such as conferences, camps, student organizations, theme dinners, etc.; Provides support to unit chef on creating daily/weekly specials and menu enhancements.  Works with the Director for Catering as it pertains to menu planning, costing and execution of service. o Develops and supervises a culinary team using a comprehensive menu management program.  Plans menus based on such factors as market trends, customer preferences and nutritional considerations; designs recipes, determines appropriate ingredients and specifies individual serving portion for each recipe.  Develops menus in accordance with consumer tastes, nutritional needs, ease of preparation and established procedures and budgetary constraints; participates in other menu planning activities to include the determination of purchasing specifications, product and recipe testing and menu development.  Monitors the food budget for the residential dining and makes adjustments as prices fluctuate throughout the year. o Develops new food concepts based on market trends, customer preference and nutritional considerations and conducts appropriate testing; Serves as the chief sanitarian of the department and ensures all safety and sanitation standards are met according to local, state and federal health codes. o Develops, coordinates, and implements a nutrition education program for students and staff through the Dining Services web page, presentations, programs in residence halls and one-on-one sharing of information; Evaluates menus for nutritional adequacy and ensures that products of high nutritional quality are delivered to all customers;  Coordinates the department's special dietetic needs including allergy, ethnic and religious needs and ensures that accurate nutritional analysis information is readily available to customers. o Establishes and enforces nutrition, sanitation, safety, quality assurance and merchandising standards.  Assures compliance with all sanitation ServSafe and safety requirements. o Serves as a member of the Senior Administrative Team with responsibilities for advising in the planning and directing of Dining Services; Participates in the analysis of current and future needs of Dining Services. o Will be available for display cooking and consulting with other areas of Dining Services including catering and cash operations.  Responsible for planning and facilitating weekly food production meeting; Other duties as assigned. Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in Culinary Management, other related field, or a combination of education and experience is required o Ten years full time experience in fine dining and/or commercial food service and/or nationally recognized retail food service required o In addition to knowledge of world cuisine, applicant must have ability to teach others, encourage and develop a cooking staff, and refine their skills. This individual must be able to apply his or her knowledge successfully in a university food program setting to create a team environment. o ServSafe certification o Must have exceptional written and verbal communication skills  
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

Don't Be Fooled

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